Wendy's: Top 6 Secret Hacks You Need to Know

Wendy’s: Top 6 Secret Hacks You Need to Know

Wendy's: Top 6 Secret Hacks You Need to Know


Wendy’s is a classic and tasty destination for American fast food, but there are so many secret menu items they offer that you will definitely want to try. Don’t miss out on these unique snacks any longer! All you have to do is read on to discover the top six secret menu hacks that you need to know at Wendy’s!

Number Six: Unleash the Beast

Feeling like embracing your inner animal? Go ahead, try the Barnyard Burger. This unique meal isn’t on the menu, but it is definitely worth asking about. If order taker has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, just order a sandwich with a crispy chicken patty, beef patty, bacon, cheese, and desired veggies.

Number Five: The Meat Cube

Feel more like being a vicious carnivore tonight? The Meat Cube is definitely for you. The secret to this daring sandwich is a full pounds-worth of four beef patties, and all the fixings your little burger-loving heart desires.

Number Four: The Value Crispy Chicken Club

With this sandwich, you can get all of the deliciousness of a classic club at a price that won’t break the bank. This sandwich features a crispy chicken patty, bacon, cheese, and the classic toppings.

Number Three: The Big Bacon Classic

You may have seen this addition to Wendy’s’ normal menu, though it is only available in certain regional locations. Although, they will make it for you if you ask nicely. Simply put, it is the normal bacon burger with extra bacon.

Number Two: Ask for Unsalted Fries

Let’s be honest here Wendy’s, the perfect amount of salt for fries is a foreign concept for you. To ensure you get the best batch of satisfying fries, ask for your fries to be unsalted. The fry-cook may hate you, but it is totally worth it. They will have to make a brand new, hot and steamy batch for you, and you can salt them yourself with the packets. If you really feel bad about it, just pretend you have a dietary issue with sodium.

Number One: Get Your Wendy’s for Free

This particular hack may require you to make a moral sacrifice, but we think it is well worth it. Trust us, you aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this either! Remarkably, Wendy’s has a down-low policy to feed hungry, unfortunate souls. If you alert a cashier or manager that you are “lost, hungry, and broke” (say, out of town and stuck without your wallet), they will hand you a free meal! We hope you enjoyed discovering our top six secret menu hacks at Wendy’s!

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