What Does Your Taste in Food Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Taste in Food Say About Your Personality?

We all have to eat, but what you put in your mouth could be more meaningful than you think. Take this quiz to find out your personality based on your diet!
1. Pick your breakfast.
2. Pick your lunch.
3. Pick your dinner.
4. Finally, pick your dessert!
You are indulgent.
You like to treat yourself, and hey! There's nothing wrong with that. We're only on this earth for a short period of time, and you're going full speed ahead to pleasure town while you still can.
You are very controlling.
You are organized and probably on a tight schedule, so you find it necessary to control exactly what and how much of it you put in your body. Which is fine, of course, but remember - it's not a sin to get dessert every once in awhile!
You thrive on consistency.
You derive pleasure from repetition, so you like your meals to be similar. You know what you like, and you don't get sick of it. The most loyal person you know is probably yourself.
You are open-minded.
You're a risk taker and a thrill seeker. Whether it's food or in life, you love trying new things, and you can't stand being around boring people.
You are addicted to bacon.
Um, how are you still alive? You're eating too much bacon, bro. Chill.
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