What Sense of Humor Do You Have?

What Sense of Humor Do You Have?

Most people like the idea of being funny, but you've got to know what type of humor comes naturally to you. This quiz studies your personality to determine what sort of everyday comedic style fits you best.
1. In a dream, you're suddenly on a stage, alone. What's your reaction?
Where is everybody?
Maybe I should change up my jokes.
They'll be here soon, I need to set up something funny.
Get me out of here, this is weird!
2. If you could be involved in Saturday Night Live, what would you like most?
My dream is to be a guest host!
To be a regular cast member, as a straight-man character.
To be a regular cast member, as a silly straight-man foil.
I don't care. I'm not into sketch comedy.
3. What was school like for you?
I was quiet but did well on presentations.
The detention teachers knew me well.
Pretty fun. Classmates liked me.
I got good grades and kept my head down.
4. Would you consider yourself a serious, thoughtful person?
I'm not a goofball, but I'm not a prude.
I have basically no limits.
5. A friend borrows your car, then calls you and says they were in an accident and it's totaled. After a moment, he/she laughs and says they're just kidding. Your reaction?
You spoiled the prank by telling me early!
Not funny, not cool, don't do that again.
Good one, you had me there.
I'm mad now, but this will be a funny story later.
6. Finally, what is the worst part of getting your driver's license photo taken?
The lighting they use makes me look hideous.
Now the government has an updated picture of me.
They asked me to take off my gigantic hat.
Don't get me started about the DMV.
Standup Comic
You excel at observational humor. People learn new subtleties about the world around them when they laugh at the things you say. Try to nail down what bothers, concerns, or intrigues you, and how best to describe it quickly and effectively.
Class Clown
Rather than telling ordinary jokes, you are funny by simply never being serious. Your humor is enhanced depending on how much an authority figure wants you to be serious, as others snicker and hold in laughs all around you. Try to find the best, appropriate times to lighten the mood.
Your sense of humor is a little bit cruel, but only enough to get a laugh out of people who are in on your tricks and practical jokes. Try to find pranks and jokes that are as ridiculous as possible, while still being believable (and ultimately harmless) to the target.
Talk Show Host
While funny on your own, your real strength is making other people funny as you speak with them. You are a good listener and likely have a lot of friends with interesting personalities. Try listening to a friend tell a story and be the best 'host' of that story as possible.
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