What Should You Have for Lunch Tomorrow?

What Should You Have for Lunch Tomorrow?

What Should You Have for Lunch Tomorrow?
Are you indecisive, or maybe just really hungover? This quiz will tell you what to stuff your face with tomorrow afternoon if you just can't figure it out yourself.
1. What will you have for breakfast?
An egg-white omelette
A frappuccino
Black coffee
A bodega breakfast sandwich
2. What, if anything, are you craving right now?
Something sweet
Something salty
Something sweet AND salty
3. What kind of dietary restrictions do you have?
Is that a joke?
I'm vegetarian.
I can't have gluten (because it's not cool)
I don't eat anything that isn't covered in icing
4. What are you going to do after lunch?
Netflix my life away
Write 3,000 words
Do 3,000 reps
Sit in a chair for 3,000 hours
You'll be at the point in your day when you've given up, so food really won't be an option. Drink some coffee and think about what you're going to gorge yourself on for dinner.
A salad
You're pretty boring, but salads can be filling, nutritious, and straight up responsible. You do you.
You're not one to lie to yourself. You want pizza, and you want it now. Don't deny yourself that nutritious, delicious cheese pie.
Forget lunch, you're all about dessert. Just try not to get any icing on your black work pants.
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