What's Your Dating Deal Breaker?

What’s Your Dating Deal Breaker?

What’s Your Dating Deal Breaker?
We all have one: a dating deal breaker. Some people think they know what their deal breaker in a relationship is, but you might be surprised to learn yours. Take this quiz and find out now!
1. What do you pride yourself on?
My ability to make everyone around me laugh
My attention to detail
My devotion to always telling the truth, no matter what
My consistent reliability
2. Which of the following celebrities do you admire most?
Amy, for her amazing sense of humor
Gordon, for his blunt honesty
Gwenyth, for her pristine image
Justin, for his willingness to always connect with fans
3. What quality do you look for most in your friends?
Someone who will laugh at my jokes
Someone who will tell me how I really look when I ask them
Someone who will skip work to hang out with me, just because
Someone who is just as anal about cleanliness as I am
4. How did your last relationship end?
A messy divorce
Bitter fighting and no closure
He ghosted me
With way too many lies
5. Which of these pictures bothers you the most?
You hate messes, but you love cleaning them up. You may have been sucked into a relationship with a messy person in the hopes you could "fix" them, but don't make that mistake again.
Some people just can't handle the truth, but you're not one of them. You can't stand people who would rather lie than tell the truth and risk someone's feelings. You believe everyone deserves to know exactly what their butt looks like in those jeans.
You can't stand people who don't want to spend time with you. If you're going to be in a relationship, you might as well be with that person as often as possible, right? Suitors who take longer than an hour to respond to your texts are out the door faster than you can Tweet about it.
You might not be the next Amy Schumer, but you're not totally dead inside, and you need someone who can appreciate that. Don't date someone who can't laugh at themselves or at your jokes, even if they are mostly fart jokes.
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