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When She Saw This Photo Of A Sad Senior Dog, She Knew She Had To Save Him

When She Saw This Photo Of A Sad Senior Dog, She Knew She Had To Save Him

How many times have you scrolled past a sad post on your social media feed without a second thought? We’ve all been guilty of it. When Christina Morgan saw a very sad post about a dog, however, she knew she had to take action.

20. Founder

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Christina Morgan is the founder Paw Works in Ventura County, California. Paw Works is a “no kill” rescue organization designed to help out unwanted animals in the county. The organization continues to make great strides in helping out as many animals as possible.

19. Facebook Post

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Morgan was scrolling down her Facebook feed one day when she came across a post that really caught her eye. Usually she would just scroll past but she couldn’t ignore this one. The post was of an 18-year-old dog named Jaripo.

18. The Post

Image: The Dodo

So what was so special about this one post that made Morgan stop? Well, the post explained Jaripo’s unfortunate situation. For starters, Jaripo was currently at the Lancaster Animal Shelter, described by Morgan as a high-kill shelter.

17. Adoption

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The post was asking people if they were interested in adopting Jaripo. If no one would come forward the shelter would have no choice but to put Jaripo down. The post instantly went pretty viral.

16. Reactions

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The post garnered a ton of various reactions from people’s. People were commenting and and putting sad face emojis all over the post. However, no one was actually stepping forward to help out Jaripo and adopt him…

15. Tagged

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Eventually, Morgan was tagged in the post and she knew she couldn’t sit idly by. “I get tagged in a lot of stuff on Facebook and I saw that this little (dog) was breaking the internet,” she told The Dodo. “Lots of people were tagging me. All the rescues were looking at it. But no one was really taking action – and that’s a high-kill shelter.

14. Taking Action

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Morgan knew that each minute she spent dwelling on the situation was another minute away from Jaripo’s life. “I just said, ‘To hell with it,’” Morgan told The Dodo. “It’s pouring rain. My husband’s like, ‘Are you nuts?’”

13. The Drive

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Morgan quickly hopped into her car and began the two-hour drive over to the shelter. On her way there she made sure to call the shelter to let them know that she was coming for Jaripo. However, they did not respond kindly…

12. The Response

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They said, ‘If he needs to be put to sleep we will do that,’” she told The Dodo. Their poor response only further fueled Morgan’s passion. She continued on the drive to Jaripo in hopes that she would get there in time.

11. On Time

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Lucky for Jaripo, Morgan arrived just on time. She took Jaripo back home with her that same day. Quickly, Morgan took Jaripo to the vet to get a diagnosis on his health. So how was Jaripo doing?

10. Good Health

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It turns out that Jaripo was in great health! However, because Jaripo is a senior dog he was suffering from pain in his spine and hips. He was also in need of some dental work. Still, he wasn’t faced with any serious ailments and Morgan was happy to hear it.

9. Next Steps

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So what were the next steps for Jaripo? Well, it was time to find him a foster home where he could stay until for the rest of his years.

8. Loving Home

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So Morgan went on a quest to find the perfect foster home for Jaripo. It didn’t take long before she finally did. “He’s a happy camper,” Morgan says.

7. Helpful

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However, Jaripo isn’t the only wonderful soul that Morgan helped out that day. In fact you won’t believe how far Morgan extended her work when she arrived at the high-kill shelter.

6. Extra Crates

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Before Morgan took the drive out to the other shelter she made sure to fill her car with extra crates. She wanted to help out as many other animals as she could. So how many animals did she end up saving?

5. Saving Grace

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I ended up leaving with a cat with a bullet in him, this old dog and four other dogs,” Morgan shared. Morgan was happy that she was able to save even a few more lives from being put down.

4. The Animals

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Altogether, Morgan was able to save the lives of six other animals. All of them were in great health conditions and were very grateful for a second chance at life. Morgan left feeling accomplished.

3. Compassionate

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Despite Morgan’s husband questioning her leaving the house in the middle of a storm, Morgan’s compassionate nature helped out in the best way. Now a few more animals will have a second chance at life and will be able to live out in great new home settings.

2. Jaripo’s Home

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Jaripo is incredibly happy in his new foster home. He is living a grand life now and his foster family absolutely adore him. They can’t believe that there was ever an owner who wanted to give Jaripo out.

1. Still Working

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Morgan is still continuing to do her work with her rescue organization. She continues to help out dogs in unfortunate situations, just like Jaripo!

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