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When They Found This Goat On A Snowy Mountain They Were Stunned

When They Found This Goat On A Snowy Mountain They Were Stunned

9. Attracting a Follower

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

Gretl’s journey begins when she spotted two hikers who were hiking to Olperer. She decided to join them, wandering from her farm. She pranced right after them, matching their pace as they ascended the mountain.

8. Climbing

Image: Thrillist

Gretl apparently felt she was an expert at climbing and decided to ditch the hikers, making them a duo once again. The conditions were rough and the weather was cold, but she was determined to just go off on her own despite the hiker’s efforts to keep her with them.

7. Wandering Away

Image: Tux.at

As Gretl strayed further away from the hikers, they lost sight of her. Now Gretl was missing, the weather was getting colder and no one knew where to turn next. What was a little goat to do?

6. A Rescue Mission

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

The next day a gondola operator on the Hintertux glacier track happened to spot Gretl. Knowing that the creature needed help, the operator quickly contacted a rescue team. This rescue mission wouldn’t be for a human though, it would be a four-legged strandee!

5. Mission Accomplished

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

A team of four from Tux-Finkenberg went up to rescue Gretl, trekking up the north slope where she had been spotted. It wasn’t an easy rescue, as the slope was quite steep and each step had to be made carefully.

4. The Trek Back Down

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

By the time they reached her, she was too tired to go on her own. She happily welcomed their rescue and even let them carry her down on a team member’s shoulders. It was quite a sight!

3. Safe and Sound

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

Once they had come down a bit, the team boarded a gondola and Gretl was given an amazing mountain view.  The rescue team said this was their most unusual rescue yet, and we definitely believe them! Goats are known to be stubborn and Gretl certainly proved that with her dramatic rescue.

2. A Hearty Meal

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

Gretl was understandably famished after her ordeal and she was given a delicious leafy meal when the rescue was complete. The little goat had traveled the mountain more than most humans and she ate heartily at Hintertux.

1. Finding Home

Image: Facebook – Tux-Finkenberg

After posting on Facebook, Tux-Finkenberg was able to locate the goat’s family and Gretl returned to her farm. Let’s hope that this time she doesn’t get inspired to follow another pair of hikers any time soon!

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