Where to Look For Top Quality Online Entertainment?

Where to Look For Top Quality Online Entertainment?

Where to Look For Top Quality Online Entertainment?

Illustrated part time poster with vinyl. Vector illustration.Although it was not meant to be used this way, the internet today is the preferred source of entertainment for its users. People play games online, and they consume endless streams of social media updates, memes, and cat videos. But sometimes the obvious choice for entertainment venues might not be the best one. Sometimes they have too much scrap you have to go through to find what you are looking for.

Here are some tips on where you can find the best quality forms entertainment without too much rubbish to cut through.

For videos: DailyMotion and Vimeo

When looking for online videos, YouTube is the obvious choice, right? But it’s filled with so many re-posts, stolen clips and endless loads of spam that it makes your stomach hurt. Why not choose a service which is a bit more selective with the content they publish, like Vimeo or DailyMotion?

Vimeo is the most trusted platform for professionals all over the world, and DailyMotion is an old, reputable video sharing website, with a varied mix of content offered by independent creators and premium users alike.

For slot machines: Euro Palace

DoubleDown? Hit It Rich? Slotomania? All of them are nice, shiny and filled with ads and in-app purchase incentives. But not https://www.europalace.com/. It is a real money gaming outlet, offering its users a completely free option as well. The Euro Palace is superior to all social casinos in one very important way: it has a game library several times larger. Besides, new games are added to the Euro Palace collection each month, before you could get bored of last month’s releases. Not to mention the fact that, since it follows a completely different business model than social games, it will never show you any ads while you play.

For music: Soundcloud

The music industry is huge, and it’s driven by the taste of the masses. But what if you are looking for something more “niche”, more specific than what they have to offer? Meet Soundcloud, which is built for artists to upload, share and distribute their work. It is the perfect medium to discover music that fits your taste and to tell your opinion about what you just heard directly to the artist. And you can often download your favorite tunes and listed to them even when you are disconnected from the ‘net.

For information: Quora

Information can be entertaining. People are proud of what they know and want to share it with others. So, next time you look for information on a topic, try to ask a question on Quora instead of looking it up on WikiPedia (which can sometimes be biased or simply wrong). No matter what your question is, you’ll find someone – often experts – to give you the best answer.

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