Which Fad Diet Should You Try?

Which Fad Diet Should You Try?

There are so many fad diets that exist, it's impossible to pick just one! Well, we've got a solution. Take this quiz to find out which fad diet you should try next.
1. Which picture makes you drool the most?
2. Describe your sense of willpower.
Does waking up before noon count?
Strong, but fleeting
3. What tactic do you use to shake off your haters?
I throw french fries at them
Pure, physical aggression
I just remind myself that I'm not alone
Calm, relaxing meditation
4. Which celebrity do you respect the most?
Zooey Deschanel
Uma Thurman
Jared Leto
Heidi Klum
5. Finally, what's your food budget?
Whatever it takes for me to feel great and look trendy.
About $50/week
Whatever I can afford after buying alcohol
Budget? What's that?
You enjoy super dry cupcakes, and you probably hate beer, so this diet is perfect for you! Just kidding, but honestly, embrace your inner masochist and join the club.
You probably dressed up as a caveman for Halloween last year, and there's nothing you enjoy more than eating a perfectly medium rare steak in a scratchy loin cloth. Eat your meat with pride.
You will happily spend $10 for three ounces of pureed vegetables, and you just love it because it makes you feel alive!!! In all realness, by going vegan you will significantly decrease your carbon footprint, but you might be increasing your methane output (if you catch our drift).
McDonald's Diet
Believe it or not, people have followed this diet and successfully lost weight. You just want to eat what you want, and you don't want to suffer any judgment. Go for that Big Mac, girl - salad will still be there tomorrow.
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