White Wine: Top 11 Shocking Health Benefits

White Wine: Top 11 Shocking Health Benefits

White Wine: Top 11 Shocking Health Benefits


When it comes to the health benefits of drinking alcohol, red wine gets all the attention. However, white wine is not without its health benefits – in fact, there are quite a few that have gone unnoticed. Here, we present our list of the top 11 shocking health benefits of drinking white wine. So sit down, grab a glass of Chardonnay and check them out for yourself below!

Number Eleven: It Keeps Your Lungs Healthy

One study found that drinking white wine can help improve the health of a person’s lungs. The antioxidants in the wine are what help prevent lung deterioration and keep your lungs functioning at peak levels.

Number Ten: It Improves Cholesterol Levels

Though red wine has been touted as a cure for bad cholesterol for years, most people don’t realize that the white stuff is just as helpful. One study found no difference between white and red wines in terms of how much they improved cholesterol levels – both are equally beneficial.

Number Nine: It Helps With Glucose Control

Drinking white wine in moderation can help control glucose levels, especially in people who already have diabetes. One study examined 224 volunteers with Type 2 Diabetes who drank a glass of red wine, white wine, or mineral water with dinner every night. The researchers found that some patients saw improvements in glucose control as a result of drinking white wine.

Number Eight: It Prevents Artery Blockage

The white stuff contains two important compounds: tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These two components contribute to white wine’s ability to prevent your arteries from getting blocked up.

Number Seven: It Protects You From Alzheimer’s Disease

Again, we have tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol to thank for this magnificent benefit. One study found that the two compounds are “neuroprotective,” meaning that they protect your brain from Alzheimer’s Disease. Drink up!

Number Six: White Wine Has a Higher Capacity for Antioxidants

Though red wine has a reputation for being rich in antioxidants, the antioxidants in white wine are actually more beneficial. The phenols found in white wines have a higher capacity for antioxidants, meaning you can drink less wine to get the good stuff.

Number Five: It Won’t Give You a Hangover

When you get a hangover, you have congeners to thank. Congeners are byproducts of alcohol fermentation that contribute significantly to hangovers. While red wine is full of congeners, there are very few in white wine, meaning you can reap the benefits without suffering any consequences (as long as you’re drinking in moderation, of course).

Number Four: It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Certain white wines can protect your heart from aging – it’s true! One study found that certain white wines can help improve ventricular recovery in the heart. This is most likely attributable to the antioxidant levels found in the wine.

Number Three: It Cures Insomnia

If you can’t sleep, just have a glass of white wine! In the study of 224 people mentioned above, people who drank white wine had an improved quality of sleep.

Number Two: It Prevents Cancer

The flavonoids found in white wines can actually prevent cancer in your body. Specifically, the most important flavonoids in the white stuff are tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol (mentioned above). These flavonoids, when consumed, have been shown to decrease the risk of developing certain cancers.

Number One: It Makes Losing Weight Easier

Finally, the number one shocking health benefit of drinking white vino is that it makes losing weight easier. One 2004 study found that people who went on a calorie-restricted diet and derived 10 percent of their energy from white wine lost as much weight as people on a calorie-restricted diet who derived 10 percent of their energy from juices. On top of this, the white stuff has significantly fewer calories than red wine, which makes it a better choice for dieters. Cheers!

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