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Does Whitening Toothpaste Work and is it Safe?

In popular culture, having a set of pearly-white teeth is a symbol of beauty. Teeth whitening products and procedures are all over and people are trying a lot of them just to achieve the sought after shiny smile. While some of these deliver as promised, many fall short of the expectations and stories of disappointment flood social media comment sections, forums, and reviews.

This is the case of many whitening toothpastes today, especially those who vow to whiten your teeth in a short span of time.  Whitening toothpastes in TV ads always sound promising, but stories of disappointment over popular brands are not rare, even for those who claim to be the best whitening toothpaste. The hype created around toothpaste products have been so successful that many people easily believe it is all they need to whiten their teeth; when in fact, it doesn’t suffice.

Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Work?

Despite countless failures of many whitening toothpaste brands to actually whiten teeth, many people easily fall into the promises of many brands. In reality, whitening toothpaste does not change the color of teeth from yellowish to white. It appears to do so at times, because it removes surface stains on the teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee, or eating a particular food.  

Whitening toothpastes contain some type of abrasives to gently polish teeth and some chemicals that dissolve stains. These ingredients, however, do not change the natural color of the teeth or even remove stains that go deeper than the surface of the tooth. Effective tooth-whitening products contain peroxide, which is not found in whitening toothpastes.

Some products, however, may appear to whiten teeth better than others that just remove stains. These products contain a substance called blue covarine. Blue covarine adheres to the surface of the teeth and creates an optical illusion that causes teeth to look less yellowish. When used twice a day in a long span of time, it becomes more effective in making your teeth appear white.

Is Whitening Toothpaste Safe?

Generally, whitening toothpastes are safe to use. However, the teeth can become highly sensitive to some strong whitening toothpastes. Some of these harsh products cause the thinning of the enamel and exposure of the dentin. This layer of the tooth has a lot of tiny tubes similar to pores that are connected to the nerve in the middle of the tooth. When exposed, these tubes respond to hot and cold, which can be painful.

Some toothpaste products may also contain certain chemicals that can be harmful in prolonged exposure. To avoid such problems, make sure to use products that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or those that bear a seal of approval from reputable dental organizations like the American Dental Association. If you are unsatisfied with the current whitening toothpaste that you are using, it is always best to consult your dentist before using new teeth whitening products to avoid future problems. Your teeth may also have unique needs and a professional can help you decide what is best for you.

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