Willow - Remedy (Official Music Video)

Willow – Remedy

Belgian band Willow’s music video for “Remedy” employs special effects to create optical illusions that connect each scene in the video with the next, making a nearly seamless effect. The first couple of transitions freeze the shot and convert it into a relief or a statue, but later the transitions become more interactive and have more continuity. It follows vocalist Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost and his girlfriend throughout a series of fun dates, a token fight, and relaxing times. At one point, he kicks a door down and it falls to reveal the interior of a completely different apartment. Later, vocalist Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost  stands in front of a projection screen, pantomimes throwing a ball and instantly he is in the film being projected on the screen, having a water balloon fight with his girlfriend. When he jumps during the fight, he jumps back out of the projection screen into a room filled with regular balloons. The shifts between scenes are fascinating, not to mention how much fun they appear to be.

Directed by Filip Sterckx
DOP – Pierre Schreuder
Art direction – Bart de Melker and Filip Sterckx
Editing – Filip Sterckx
Grading – Xavier Dockx
Production company – CZAR
Thanks to – Het Depot, Nozon, Antoon Verbeeck, Ann Dieltjens, B&B Inblauw, Lites, Cools multimedia, Cafe De Kroeg

Website: thisiswillow.be
Facebook: facebook.com/thisiswillow
Twitter: twitter.com/thisiswillow
Get ‘Remedy’ on iTunes: tinyurl.com/oqkcz3p
Vote ‘Remedy’ in De Afrekening: tinyurl.com/62kxn9e

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