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Woman Adopts The Saddest Dog In The Shelter After Heartbreaking Encounter

Woman Adopts The Saddest Dog In The Shelter After Heartbreaking Encounter

One day in May, Jon and Kayla Patel decided to visit their local shelter. They wondered if maybe they should get a dog but weren’t sure. They decided that it wouldn’t hurt to just visit their local shelter in Jackson, Tennessee. What they encountered was a dog in desperate need of rescue who did one small action that would change their hearts forever.

9. Just Looking

Immediately the Patels saw that there were plenty of dogs trying to get their attention. The shelter was full of “barking and jumping,” he told The Dodo. All except one dog – a young pit bull. Jon was drawn to her quiet nature.

8. One Small Paw

Image: The Dodo

The pup was sitting there in her cage while the other dogs barked frantically. Jon knew this dog must be something special, and he went over to her cage. To his surprise, the pit bull stuck her paw out. He knew then she was the one for them and called over Kayla.

7. A Sad Tale

Image: Little Things

Staff informed the Patels that the pit bull was an owner surrender after the former thought the dog wasn’t cute anymore. She had been brought into her former home as a puppy and tossed aside once she grew out of puppyhood. This story made the Patels even more determined to adopt the pit bull. 

6. Running Out of Time

Image: The Dodo

The dog was set to be put down the same day as the Patels visited, so her fate was in their hands. They were unable to take her home right away and made the shelter promise to keep her, promising to return on Monday for the pit bull. The shelter agreed. They didn’t want to come back to an empty cage.

5. A New Home

Image: The Dodo

Speaking to The Dodo, Jon shared the shelter’s stipulation: “They said that if we didn’t come Monday, they would have to put her down.” The dog, who they named Ellie, was only a year old and was so full of life. They knew she had to be theirs and returned like they said on Monday.

4. Happy and Safe

Image: The Dodo

Ellie took to her new home immediately, running around and jumping on the furniture. She loves tennis balls and following around her family everywhere they go. At just a year old, she’s full of love for everyone she meets.

3. Her New Family

Image: The Dodo

Ellie and her family begin to get used to being a trio. First up was a bath to wash away the scent and feel of the shelters. Jon said she reacted somewhat surprisingly and didn’t fight the bath: “She just laid down in the tub with the water on.” It seemed Ellie knew she was home.

2. Nothing But Love

Image: The Dodo

Ellie’s owners have a shadow in their pittie, saying “she’s coming after you because she wants to keep her eye on you. I think she just loves us and she wants to be near us all the time.” Luckily they’re more than willing to lavish all kinds of attention on the pup.

1. Pit Bull Perceptions

Image: The Dodo

Ellie loves to play and recently discovered how fun bubbles are. She also can be found relaxing with her beloved family. While some people may be scared of pit bulls because of their reputation, the Patels say that she is harmless: “She literally just chases butterflies all day. She’s not going to hurt anybody.” They also agree that Ellie has made their family complete. To think it just started with one little paw.

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