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Woman Finds Abandoned Suitcase On Train Tracks. Shocked By What She Finds Inside.

Woman Finds Abandoned Suitcase On Train Tracks. Shocked By What She Finds Inside.

Unattended baggage that is just dumped off in the middle of nowhere is always a little suspicious. When you happen to be the person that discovers the baggage it can leave you with a ton of questions. Do you investigate or just leave it alone? Well, one woman decided to take the risk and made the discovery of a lifetime.

20. England

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A woman living in rural England was heading out for a walk with her pups. She would go on the same walk every day with her pups and had the route practically memorized. Everything was going as planned from the start…

19. Train Tracks

Image: Black Spruce Hound

On their route, the woman would typically walk past some train tracks that were not too far from her home. For the most part she would avoid walking too close to them. However, for some reason today she decided to walk closer to them.

18. Dogs

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As she began to walk past the tracks, her dogs started to get a bit wilder than usual. They kept pulling her over to one direction and she couldn’t understand why. But she decided to let them lead.

17. Strange

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As the dogs started to lead the woman, they brought her over to the strangest thing. There in the middle of the train tracks was an abandoned suitcase. The woman was confused.

16. Confused

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The woman was confused as to why her dogs were getting so bent out of shape over a suitcase. She decided that her curiosity was getting the best of her, so she walked over to it. That was when she heard something weird.

15. Noises

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As the woman crept over to the suitcase, she started to hear some strange noises. They sounded like muffled cries. She immediately realized that there was something living inside of the suitcase!

14. The Suitcase

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The woman continued to hear the muffled cries coming from the case. Even though she was nervous, she knew she couldn’t leave it there unattended. So she slowly unzipped the bag…

13. Unzipped

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As she slowly unzipped the bag she started to see what was waiting for her inside. There wasn’t one but eight tiny animals waiting inside for her. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

12. Kittens

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Inside of the luggage were eight abandoned kittens that were all looking for love. She couldn’t understand how someone could have left behind the kittens and inside of a suitcase without any air holes. Luckily, the woman was also a vet tech!

11. Getting Help

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From just looking at them, the woman could tell that the kittens were incredibly malnourished. They looked tiny, frail, and their bones were poking through. She knew she had to get them help immediately.

10. Calling A Shelter

Image: Huffington Post

The woman knew that she wouldn’t be able to just wheel the suitcase over to her home without risking injury to the kittens. So instead, she quickly called a local animal shelter for help. The shelter quickly sent over staff to pick up the kittens.

9. Shelter

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The kittens were promptly picked up and transported over to the Cats Protection’s Hornchurch and District Branch. Once they were there the kittens were able to see a vet. The vet had some serious news to share…

8. The Vet

Image: Honest To Paws

The vet looked over all of the kittens and came up with a prognosis. The shelter stated that, “Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them.”

7. Not All Bad

Image: Honest To Paws

The shelter seems to also believe that the person who dumped the kittens had wanted them to be found. So what would make the shelter think that? Well, they have a pretty simple answer for that one.

6. On Purpose

Image: Honest To Paws

They seem to have intended the kittens to be found as the suitcase had been left near the home of the veterinary nurse, who is well known locally,” they said, “But with kittens this young and vulnerable, the outcome could have been awful.”

5. Hand Fed

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Since the kittens are very small, they will have to be hand fed for the time being. The shelter staff is looking after them carefully, especially since they were put through such a traumatic beginning. So where will their lives take them now?

4. Forever Homes


Image: zoozoo.hu

Tons of people have already showed interest in adopting the kittens. Many of them have already been signed off to forever homes. However, they will have to stay at the shelter until they are old enough to be adopted.

3. Pleading

Image: stuff.co.nz

The shelter has also been pleading with people to just drop off their unwanted pets at the shelter instead of just abandoning them in such terrible circumstances. They want to avoid anything like this happening to another animal, especially ones so young and defenseless.

2. Hero

Image: aspca

Thankfully, the dogs and her owner were there to help out. Things could have easily gone so much worse if the woman hadn’t taken the time out to inspect what her dogs were getting wild about!

1. Lucky

Image: The Herald

These eight kittens got incredibly lucky. Thankfully they won’t have to worry about being abandoned anymore. Now they get to go off to their forever homes and live out great lives.

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