World's Biggest Morons: Top 5 Cringworthy Stories

World’s Biggest Morons: Top 5 Cringworthy Stories

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Some stories of the world’s biggest morons are hilarious, but some are just plain sad. These stories of the world’s biggest morons will make you cringe in horror due to the destruction caused by their stupidity and idiotic behavior. Grab the popcorn, and dig in below.

Number Five: Explosion Caused by Cigarette. One unnamed man in southeastern Ukraine was smoking a cigarette one day when he accidentally threw it in the direction of artillery. To clarify, this man was a military personnel who was explicitly instructed not to smoke anywhere near the artillery. His mistake of throwing his cigarette in that direction caused a giant explosion that led to the evacuation of 7,000 residents and $400 million in damages.

Number Four: John Tuchek. Former police chief in Minnesota John Tuchek thought he would win back his girlfriend by putting her in a vulnerable position. Specifically, he set her apartment building on fire in order to save her and hopefully have her fall back in love with him. However, he was caught.

Number Three: Sadie Renee Johnson. Sadie Renee Johnson was driving through a forest shortly after July 4 and wanted to get rid of her extra fireworks. To do so, she lit them and threw them into the forest, sparking a 51,000-acre forest fire that cost firefighters $8 million to fight. Johnson was caught after she stupidly posted to Facebook bragging about the fire.

Number Two: James Scott. James Scott was advised to monitor a levee in Missouri meant to prevent floods. However, in an effort to escape his wife one night, he decided to cause a flood so he could party for a few days. Unfortunately, the flood caused a huge explosion and stretched 14,000 acres. He caused the flood by moving sandbags away from the levee.

Number One: Francesco Schettino. In 2012, Francesco Schettino was manning a cruise ship off of the coast of Italy when the ship capsized. Schettino was reportedly trying to impress his new girlfriend with a fancy trick, but he did quite the opposite. A total of 32 people died in the process, and it cost cleanup crews $1.6 billion to remove all of the ship’s remains.

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