WWE Raw: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

WWE Raw: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

WWE Raw: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)


We are back with seven more shocking facts about WWE Raw. We hope you enjoy!

Number Seven: McMahon Was Almost Sent to Jail

A WWE steroid scandal hit the tabloids in the early ‘90s, when RAW was just starting. The whole issue almost cost McMahon some jail time. The famed executive was charged with selling steroids to his wrestlers, some of which testified against him in court. Hulk Hogan provided the jury with a convincing testimony on behalf of the businessman, which saved him from going to prison.

Number Six: There Was a WWE Raw Restaurant in NYC

In 1999, McMahon decided to venture into the food industry with a restaurant, named “The World”, which was located in the Paramount Theatre Building, on Times Square. The complex included a nightclub, on the underground level of the locality, and a merchandise store on the first level. Most WWE events (including RAW and Smackdown) were broadcasted at the club with an entrance fee. The restaurant was shut down in 2003 and remained abandoned until 2005, when Hard Rock Café took over the lease.

Number Five: They Sell Some Weird Memorabilia

WWE’s merchandise is a great source of income for the company. Fans love purchasing all sorts of things with RAW’s logo stamped on it. Some of the weirdest items sold by McMahon’s business include a John Cena garden gnome and Brock Lesnar’s moccasins.

Number Four: The Plane Incident

Back in 2002, the entire WWE Raw team was flying back to America from London on a private jet: “The plane ride from hell”. According wrestler X-pac, who gave an interview on the matter, drugs and booze were being heavily consumed and the whole plane ended looking like a warzone.

Number Three: The Murder Cases

1983 was a hard year for WWE, as the news arose that professional wrestler Jimmy Snurka had been accused of murdering his girlfriend. 24 years later, WWE Raw’s celebrated wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead next to her wife and child in their Georgia home. Investigators concluded that Benoit had murdered his family and hang himself two days later. The issue raised complaints against the use of steroids, which some believe to cause rage-inducing behavioral disorders.

Number Two: Its Highest Rated Episode Featured the Rock and the Undertaker

Raw’s highest rated episode ever aired on May 10th, 1999. The event featured a triple fight: Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and The Rock versus Triple H, Shane McMahon and The Undertaker. The first team defeated the second, despite the Undertaker’s best efforts.

Number One: Every Episode Costs $820,000 to Make

Each Raw production is estimated to cost over $800,000, far away from its low-budget beginnings, and still far from 2011’s estimated cost of $735,000 per episode. Most of this budget goes to technological tools, HD camera equipment and overall production logistics.

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