Xuman - 49 (Offcial Music Video)

Xuman – 49

After receiving a key labeled “49” from a sort of divine feminine character in the first part of his story, Play, Xuman begins the second part of his epic story on a stage, as if receiving such a key has brought him to take part in a production that is seemingly out of his control. The number “49” plays a mysterious, and even haunting role throughout the video, as do the various female characters depicted in the story. Flashes of “49” spattered in blood and painted on the walls are integrated into an on going timeline of Xuman’s discovery of the key’s origins. The opening lyrics “Stay away from me/ You’ve left all the hope / and only 49 scars” become more relevant as the story unravels with an interesting twist that plays with fate vs. free will—narrated by Xuman’s epic sound.

Song written by Alexander Xuman and Ilya Sosnitskiy.
Idea, screenplay – Sasha Vsesviatskaya, Dennis Vsesviatskiy,
Svetlana Prorvich, Natalia Butova
Director – Sasha Vsesviatskaya
Camera, editing, post-production – Andrey Nikolaev
Producing – Sasha Vsesviatskaya, Svetlana Prorvich
Make-up and Hair – Daria Dzuba, Kristina Noe
Main Actors – Alexander Xuman, Daria Charusha, Ilya Sosnitskiy, Sasha
Vsesviatskaya, Alexander Malahoff, Lisa Vsesviatskaya, Alisa Gorbunova
2013 © Xuman Records

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/49
Website: xumanrecords.com/en
Twitter: twitter.com/XumanRecords

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