Yes-or-No: Meghan Linsey

Yes-or-No: Meghan Linsey

Yes-or-No: Meghan Linsey


Meghan Linsey is a true modern maven. The breakout star and runner-up on The Voice recently released a solo EP, Believer, and she also created a beauty product line of the same name. She has been wildly successful in both her musical and beauty-related endeavors, and she agreed to be interviewed in our latest installment of Yes-or-No. Check out her answers below!

1. Did you enjoy being on The Voice? – Yes
2. Do you have a guilty pleasure? – Yes
3. Have you ever been fired from a job? – No
4. Have you always been passionate about makeup? – Yes
5. Do you have any pre-show rituals? – Yes
6. Do you remember your first gig? – Yes
7. Do you have a favorite place to tour? – Yes
8. Do you eat breakfast? – No
9. Do you wear your own makeup? – Yes
10. Do you manage your own social media accounts? – Yes
11. Do you shower every day? – Yes
12. Are you religious? – No (Spiritual)
13. Are you currently in a relationship? – Yes
14. Are you a Saints fan? – Yes
15. Is there an artist or band you’ve been dying to collaborate with? – Yes
16. Did you always know you’re musically gifted? – Yes
17. Do you enjoy creating music videos as much as you enjoy creating music? – Yes
18. Are you excited about the future of your brand? – Yes
19. Is your latest release, Believer, your best yet? – Yes
20. Did you enjoy answering these questions? – Yes

Disclaimer: Yes-or-No is a segment in which people we select to interview are prompted with 20 questions, and they are asked to respond with either “yes” or “no.”

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