Zinedine Zidane: 15 Fascinating Facts (Part 1)

Zinedine Zidane: 15 Fascinating Facts (Part 1)

Zinedine Zidane: 15 Fascinating Facts (Part 1)


Zinedine Zidane is a man born in France in 1972. He is now retired from the game, but will be remembered for years to come. Here are some facts you didn’t know about the athlete.

Number Fifteen: He Cut His Own Documentary Short

He starred in a film about himself called Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. The documentary showed him over the course of an entire match between Real Madrid and Villareal back in the year 2005. It was cut short, however, by his own choosing.

Number Fourteen: Zinedine Zidane and His Father’s Wise Words

He gained much knowledge from his dad growing up. One of the things he was taught that always stuck with him was that an immigrant has to work twice as hard as other people, and must never give up.

Number Thirteen: Growing Up in a Rough Neighborhood Helped His Game

He counts himself lucky to have grown up in a difficult area of town. Not only did he learn about playing soccer, but he also learned a lot about life.

Number Twelve: His Fandom Transcends Divides

A lot of people can agree on the appeal of this star athlete, even if they can’t agree on other things. In fact, appreciation for Zidane goes beyond religious or racial divisions in very tense multi-cultural areas of Europe.

Number Eleven: Nicknamed ‘Zizou’ by the French Public

Zidane is known endearingly as “Zizou” and is not only admired for his skills in sports. He is also widely respected for his decency as a human being and places a high priority on family and friends in addition to soccer.

Number Ten: The Family of Beurs

Zidane and his family are immigrants from Algeria and are known as “beurs” in French which is a slang term for Arabs. Zidane calls himself a Muslim, but he is a non-practicing one.

Number Nine: Zinedine’s Fiery Temper

When he was a younger man, he was treated with caution a lot of the time, because people saw that he got angry easily. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of facts about this soccer star. Check back soon for part two.

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