Advertising Opportunity

Advertising Opportunity

Since its launch, PPcorn has become the leading voice in entertainment and beyond, attracting millions of viewers across multiple platforms.

Featuring only best and most engaging entertainment content, PPcorn appeals to enthusiasts from around the globe, who are generally 18-45 years of age and desire to stay up-do-date with newest trends. PPcorn satisfies its audience’s cravings with best quality content, which includes news, lifestyle, fashion, music, travel, sports, technology, and much more.

PPcorn offers the most attractive environment for advertisers to engage with sophisticated trendsetters through video and display advertising.

Native Advertising:

Want to make your voice heard? With over 7MM unique monthly visitors aged 18-45 and a strong social media presence, PPcorn is a perfect way to promote your product or service, as long as it is trendy, innovative, cool and/or life-changing.

Our experienced writers will create engaging and meaningful native ads that will satisfy your unique needs.

Our pricing ranges from $50 to $500 for a regular native ad and $500 to $3,000 for a premium ad.

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