La Peña Pop feat. Palo Pandolfo - Amor Así (Official Music Video)

La Peña Pop feat. Palo Pandolfo – Amor Así

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Argentinian indie rock pop band La Peña Pop’s music video for “Amor Así” features Palo Pandolfo, and the Latin gentlemen of La Peña Pop on guitars, all staying at “Hotel La Peña Pop” singing about “Amor Así.” Intertwined with shots of the men strumming alone in their respective hotel rooms are artsy floating head shots of each of them singing, shot in black-and-white with some colored filters to create a psychedelic effect. Palo Pandolfo is featured as a radio DJ and host, who sings a heartfelt line of the song solo. All the while, neon lights illuminate heart shapes throughout the DJ booth and the hotel.  One fellow records himself on video singing the song, probably to give it to his lady love later, while another enjoys the echo of singing by himself in the bathroom. To make the video a little sweeter,  “Amor Así” takes the form of a delicately sexy young woman, laid out on a bed, making eyes at the camera.

Directed by Gonzalo Gerardin
Art Director – María Paula Trocchia
Cinematography – Joaquín Eliçabe Urriol, Gonzalo Gerardin
She – Lisi Dikof


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