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Lana Del Rey + Machine Gun Kelly = Love?

Lana Del Rey + Machine Gun Kelly = Love?

Don’t worry, Lana Del Rey fans, no one is suggesting they’re dating (at least not seriously). But the announcement that Del Rey is collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly has stirred up both passionate fan bases as they trade barbs about each not being worthy of the other. Confused?

Lana Del Rey first teased the collaboration with a clip on Instagram. The singer is hard at work on her new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell. The album is expected in 2019 and Del Rey has already released two singles, “Venice Bitch” and “Mariners Apartment Complex” that are assumed to be on the album.

When Del Rey posted the clip on Instagram on October 23, she tagged Machine Gun Kelly. The clip shows Del Rey listening to a mystery track in her car. It features Kelly rapping,“Look, this is gonna end bad for you. I’m gonna go mad for you. I know you wanna be bad for me but I don’t wanna move too fast for you.”

Fans were already aware that the two were in studio together, thanks to Instagram stories documenting it. But now that a partial song was heard, it was made real for the fans. Some objected to rap entirely, while others said things like “Please Never Release This Lana Del Rey and Machine Gun Kelly Song.” One fan tweeted, “I’ll root for the Dodgers if you promise not to put Machine Gun Kelly on the new album.”

Other fans had theories about the point of the collaboration, pointing out that Eminem dissed Del Rey in 2014, and also dissed Machine Gun Kelly in 2018. Theory being, they were penning their own Eminem diss track. Others noted that Del Rey broke up with G-Eazy and that G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly are not friends, therefore the two were prepping a G-Eazy diss track. A third theory is that the pair are working on a song about Azealia Banks because she called Del Rey vapid.

The ultimate theory was by Twitter user Jords who wrote, “lana del rey breaks up with g-eazy machine gun kelly disses g-eazy g-eazy disses machine gun kelly machine gun kelly drops eminem diss eminem drops machine gun kelly diss eminem takes photo with g-eazy lana del rey and machine gun kelly collab on eminem and kanye diss.”

These kids and their feuds, who can keep up!

This has naturally drawn other fans into the mix. A Twitter user named Damrody said “people say  Lana Del Rey and Machine Gun Kelly making a diss track for #Eminem
and i’m here be all like “please make it real,  i hope they made a diss track so Em comes back with no vaseline this time”  you know Em, in first he warns, in second he goes full brutal.”

Not everyone was a critic. The prospect of the track excited one Twitter user who said, “That clip Lana Del Rey released on her insta with machine gun Kelly talking release it already please.” One rap fan also said, “Lana Del Rey is probably a better rapper than Machine Gun Kelly tbf.”

There is no release date as of yet for the album.


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