Lirrika - Pzdtz (Кое-что) / Lirrika - Something (Official Music Video)

Lirrika – Something | Lirrika – Pzdtz (Кое-что)

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Lirrika’s music video for “Pzdtz (Кое-что)” is about a carefree group of friends having a good time. “Pzdtz (Кое-что)” translates to “Something” in English. We first see a blonde woman dressed in white fur, a furry friend, another woman climbing a tree while wearing a feathered mask, and several other hippies running wild in their natural surroundings. Friends entertain themselves by jumping into the lake, rolling down a sandy hill, and ending the night by dancing around a bonfire. The track is very upbeat and intense. There is a heavy use of electronic sounds and synthesized vocals that make the song appropriate for a fun occasion. The chorus is infectious and upbeat. The lyrics are in Russian, but don’t let that get in the way, for this is an anthemic music video that is full of energy and positive vibes. The music video and track will surely make you super excited for the warm summer weather that lies ahead.

Boris Burdaev: Vocal, Guitar.

Maksim Nikitin: Bass.

Vasily Nikitin: Drums.

Vladimir Kosorukov: Guitar.



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