PPcorn Image Requirements

PPcorn Image Requirements

The main focus of PPcorn.com is on its visuals, both featured and body images. This is what grabs readers’ attention. The look of the website needs to be simple and clean mages should look like those of premium quality and luxury magazines.

For this reason, all images need to satisfy the requirements listed below.

If you see that the image does not satisfy all the requirements, do not submit the article as Pending Review. If it is impossible to find an image that will satisfy all the requirements, do not start writing the article. Also remember that all photographs need to be in HD quality and made using PPcorn image templates.

  1. Concept

The image needs to be attractive and showcase the main idea of the article. For example, in a post titled “Top 5 Richest Artists” the featured image would show the number one richest artist. Do not select a photo that is not of the number one item on the list.

  1. Camera

All images must be taken using professional cameras and good lenses. The images must be deep and in high resolution. Good quality images that are taken with iPhones or non-professional cameras cannot be published on our website. Additionally, do not use screenshots of videos.

  1. Photographer

The image must be taken by a professional photographer with the use of professional equipment (camera, light, etc.). All images must comply with the general rules of photography.

  1. Proportions

The main object must be in the center of the image and must take up approximately 80% of the image.

  1. Background

The background should be simple, monochromatic, and should not contain any unnecessary details, objects or logos.

  1. Text

The image should not contain any text, logos, brand names, writings, etc. Do not use images of branded items/products, unless they are the subjects of the article. If you necessarily need to use an image that contains text, it must be approved by an editor before you submit as Pending Review. The only exceptions to this are for reviews of albums, singles and films.

  1. Day vs. Night

It is essential to select only light/bright images, taken in the daylight or with professional lighting. If you need to use a darker image, it must be approved by an editor before you submit as Pending Review.

  1. Colors

The image should be the brightest, simplest, and “juiciest” available. A reader has to be attracted to the image before he even starts reading the article. Remember that images are the most important elements on the website. If an editor does not really love the image and does not want to open the article and see more, the image should not published and should be changed.

  1. 50/50 Photos

When you need to use an image that contains 2 or more photographs (e.g. celebrity look-alikes, before/after), please make sure that you keep a uniform background and similar proportions. If you are not confident you can successfully create such images using photoshop, please do not submit or publish the article at all.

  1. Tasteless pictures

The images should not be gossipy, vulgar, “cheap,” flashy, or tasteless. For example, do not use a photograph of someone holding wads of cash.

  1. Sources

There are absolutely no Instagram photos. We use only images from official sources that hold the rights for the photograph. Do not use any Social Networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.) as sources for images. The only exception is the official Facebook Page of the subject of the article (artist, label, actor, etc.).

When you are confident you understand these rules, please take our Image Requirements quiz below. You cannot begin submitting articles until you pass the quiz.

Do You Understand PPcorn’s Image Requirements?

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