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Quizmaster Guidelines

Creating a Quiz

1. Prepare your material

a) Each quiz must have at least two questions, each with four possible responses, and there must be at least two final outcomes.

b) Prepare your pictures. Guidelines for which pictures are acceptable can be found in section 7 of the Upload Manual under “General Posting Instructions.” Please use Template 2 (square) to format your pictures in Photoshop for your quiz’s final outcomes. Please use Template 1 (rectangular) to format your pictures that go along with the individual questions.

2. Create the quiz.

a) Log into the Admin Panel at ppcorn.com/us/wp-admin.

b) In the left Dashboard, select “BuzzQuiz –> Add New Quiz.”

c) Enter a quiz title (be sure that your quiz is the only one of its kind, or else you put PPcorn at risk of legal recourse).

d) Complete the section titled “Edit Quiz.” Your Quiz description should be a brief sentence or two about what the purpose of your quiz is.

e) The “Quiz Results” section is where you will put information about the final outcomes of the quiz. For example, if the name of the quiz is “What is your horoscope?” two possible quiz results would be “Cancer” and “Scorpio.” Put these under “Result title.”

f) In “Result text,” type a few sentences about the result. For example, “Cancer is a water sign. Cancers tend to be emotional and sensitive. Cancers are born between June 21 and August 15. One famous cancer is Harrison Ford.” Do this for each result.

g) Upload your photos (Template 2) that are associated with your results. Do not forget to add your source in the “caption” block.

h) When you have finished uploading everything for your results, move on to the “Questions Block.”

i) Each question must have an associated photo. Upload your photo (Template 1) for your first question by selecting “Click to add image.” Type your question in the box that reads “Please, enter question text.” Your answers can be either in the form of a picture, text, or both. Select the appropriate box next to “Answers type” and enter all of your possible answers. If you upload photos for this part, you must use Template 2 (square). To clarify: use template 1 in Photoshop for the photo associated with the question, and use Template 2 in Photoshop for photos associated with responses to that question.

j) Under “Associate results,” you must select a number. You will see your final outcomes listed with a selection box to the right of them. Select “1” for the outcome you wish that specific response to be associated with. Leave the rest of the boxes at “0.” Do not worry about numbers greater than 1 unless you have experience working with BuzzQuiz.

k) Please do not forget to SAVE your work as you go. This will save you time if something happens while you’re working.

3. Preparing your quiz for submission.

a) When you are happy with how your quiz looks, save it, and copy the shortcode at the top of the page next to “Quiz Shortcode.”

b) On the left menu, click “Posts –> Add New.”

c) Paste the quiz shortcode into the body of the post.

d) Enter a title for the post (the same title as the quiz).

e) Upload a featured image. This should be a picture that is relevant to your quiz but is not already included in it. Use Template 1 in Photoshop to format your featured image. Again, for information about how to upload images, see section 7 of the General Posting Instructions in the Upload Manual.

f) Complete the post by adding tags, SEO info, etc. the same way you would with any other post.

If at any time you are stuck or confused by these instructions, feel free to contact 911@ppcorn.com.