Upload Manual

Upload Manual

How to Upload Your Articles Onto PPcorn’s Platform

This document will show you how to operate on our platform. For information about how to format your articles and use Photoshop, please see PPcorn’s Article Requirements.

Begin at the admin portal by following this link: ppcorn.com/us/wp-admin

1. You will see a menu on the top lefthand corner of the screen. Select “+ New Post

2. Enter the “Title” and “Body” of your article.

3. Scroll down in the righthand menu column until you locate “Format”. Select “Standard”.

4. In the righthand menu column, under “Categories”, select one of the following primary categories: “News,” “Reviews,” “Life,” “FUN,” etc. Then select the appropriate sub-genres. For example: “Life: Food.”

5. In the righthand menu column, under “Tags” insert two or three (no more than three) keywords that are relevant to the article. Usually, these include the name of the topic that the article is about. Make sure at least one of the keywords appears in the title of the article and in the first sentence of the body of the article.

6. Still in the center column, scroll down to the “SEO by Yoast” box.

6.1 For the “Focus Keyword,” type in the most relevant keyword to your article. This is typically the main word from your title. Bold the first mention of the focus keyword in your article.

6.2 Then copy and paste the title of your article into the “SEO Title” line.

6.3 Copy and paste the first 156 characters of your article into “Meta Description.” The quickest way to do this is to copy and paste the first few lines of your article and then delete the excess characters.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.59.48 AM

NB: Before you submit your article for Pending Review, run an “SEO Check” to make sure everything lights up green. If the SEO circle appears yellow, it means the article will not rank well on Google. You need to fix whatever is wrong before publishing the article. Usually this means changing your title, adding more mentions of your focus keyword in your article, or changing your focus keyword altogether.

7. Insert the image into the top of your your article by selecting “Add media.” Upload your photo.

7.1 Under “Caption” be sure to include the website that sourced the picture (the website next to the photo in Google Images). Make the caption as short as possible. Example: “vogue.com,” not “www.vogue.com.”

7.2 Before you insert your photo, look at the bottom of the window. Next to “Link to,” select “None.” The default setting is “Media file.” Insert your photo as “Full Size.”

8. After you upload your photo, scroll down to “Featured Image.” Set your newly uploaded photo as the featured image (you don’t have to upload it again, you can just select it from the archives).

manual image 6

9. If you are uploading a video, you need to paste the link in the body of your article. To link a YouTube or Vimeo video, copy the link directly into your post – just the link. Do not embed it. If the video doesn’t show up immediately, you need to find a different link. Only use videos that are HD, and never use a video created by an unknown user.

10. Double check everything, then change your article’s status from “Draft” to “Pending Review.” An editor will look at your article and either schedule it to be published or return it to Drafts and email you with notes.

11. If you leave your article in the “Drafts” folder for more than one week without submitting it for Pending Review, it will automatically be placed in the Trash.